Draning Word: substract AP from opponents but does neutral damage to the caster

Curtative Word: heals summons and alllies

Wounding Word: deals air damage

Healing Word: heals summons and allies

Forbidden Word: a powerful attack which deals fire damage

Simulating Word: increases the AP of several summons and allies but does neutral damage to the caster

Preventing Word: reduces damage

Frighting Word: makes opponents move back

Revitalization Word: heals several summons and allies at a time

Regenerating Word: heals a amount of HP per turn for a amount of turns

Word of Thorn: allows the caster to reflect a amount of damage for a amount of turns

Word of Youth: dispells magical effects

Vampiric Word: deals water damage and steals the HP lost

Word of Sacrafise: translates HP

Friendship Word: summons a Rabbit Healer

Paralyzing Word: prevents a player from moving

Lifting Word: increases the caster's range for a short amount of time

Word of Silence: reduces AP from a opponent

Word of Altruism: heals a big amount of HP but the caster can't use any healing spells for a amount of turns

Word of Recovery: restores a huge amount of HP; heals a minimum of 101 HP


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