Recommended Characteristics for Osamodas to Improve Edit

   Intellegence may be the most important characteristic of all! Almost all the Osamodas's attacks deal fire-tpye damage. Since intellegence increases healing as well, it helps the spell Anamal Healing as well.
   Vitalaty is also a important characteristic. Their summons only exist if the caster is alive, so it's important to stay alive.

Other Characteristics: Edit

   Chance is not that important. Although it helps the spell Lashing Claw, the Scroll of Chance would be more efficient.
   Agility is not that important either, although it helps you escape from enemies. Equipment with agility would be better.
   Strength is not important either. Unless you want to help fight with close combat attacks or with weapons, the Scroll of Chance would be a better idea.
   Wisdom no good to Osamodas's characteristics. It costs 3 points, so what a waste! If you want to increase wisdom to gain more xp in fights, then use the Scrolls of Wisdom.


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